About Rick

Born in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, in 1952, Rick Edgett had his first musical stage performance at age 10. He was committed to guitar from a very young age, and excelled at continually growing better. From 1964 on, he performed in various Halifax-area bands. He then worked with Kevin MacMichael (later of Cutting Crew, Robert Plant Band, etc.) in MAAN and several other bands until 1970, when he joined Capital Records band Pepper Tree, touring & recording. Pepper Tree led him on to further appearances across Canada, including Massey Hall in Toronto with Crowbar, Lighthouse, The Stampeders, and Rush. Rick has recorded in many other bands and acts over the years, including Devotion, Frank MacKay, Doug Mallory, Ken Tobias, Bill Aimsbury, and performed with a number of noted Canadian and US acts, such as The Doobie Brothers, Dutch Mason, David Clayton Thomas, Chuck Berry, Bobby Curtola, Wilson Pickett, Delbert MacClinton, Roy Buchannon and many more. His musicianship has brought him to various locations in North America, having lived and worked in Toronto, Chicago, Detroit, and Montreal over the past 30 years in the business. Since 2005, Rick has been focusing more on writing and arranging new material for performance and recording, earning him a nomination for ECMA Producer of the Year for Jakki Rogue’s CD “Take A Look At This” in 2005. Rick began teaching in 2003 at the Canadian Conservatory of Music, and since 2007 can be found writing, arranging and recording new material.